Best tips to Soothe Gums during baby's Teething?
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Soothe Gums during baby's Teething

Best tips to Soothe Gums during baby's Teething?

Being a parent, or an elder you can understand what it takes for a baby to face teething condition. I mean, they have to tolerate sore gums, paining day-night long. They can’t even open their mouth fully as well. All in all, your baby has got a painful time dealing with this stage. 

Obviously, you are thinking about the remedies to quickly solve the issue. Well, how about if I say that I gotta same news for ya with all the details?  

Soothing the baby’s teeth at the first signs of teething is really very effective for relieving the baby from pain. There are many effective ways you can easily soothe your baby’s gums. And all these details you’ll be getting here, right now in my article. So are you ready for it?


Check out these points to know the best tricks to help your kids with sore gums - 


  • Rubbing with gauze pads -

    Use a soft gauze pad to rub the gums of your baby. You can also use a damp washcloth for this purpose. This will help to reduce the pain your baby is facing in the gums. 
  • Use your fingers -

    Instead of clothes, you can wash your hands and slowly rub it off the gums of your baby. Direct contact with the fingers and pressure generated by it will elevate the gums to reduce the pain. 
  • Baby teethers -

    These can be the most helpful during baby teething stage. Baby teethers are the products made of soft materials, they can be easily chewable, plus their excellent relieving technique through chewing keeps your baby free and all day long. You can check for different teethers like rubber teethers, water-filled teethers, silicone teethers. You can use the teethers accordingly for your babies. 
  • Feeding bottle -

    Yes! Those feeding bottles are really very helpful to reduce the gums pain for your baby. Just give few amounts of water to suck through the bottle, and your baby will feel lesser pain in their gums while performing the action. 
  • Water-filled pacifiers -

    Pacifiers, that too water-filled pacifiers will surely be one of the great teething remedies for your baby. Pacifiers are like teethers with a chewable body and water-filled pacifiers can be cooled in refrigerators to make the water cold. Cool water is very helpful for the babies to soothe their swollen gums on an immediate basis. 
  • Jaw massage -

    Okay so what if your baby doesn’t allow you to touch their gums directly inside the mouth? I mean, you can find these conditions bit annoying, meanwhile, you can reduce the baby’s pain by massaging the jaw from outside. You can place a cold cloth, or cooling patches to heal the pain. Or else a perfect Mother-hand massage will be the best solution. 

Things Not to Give your baby

  • Sweeteners - Don’t ever give sweet products, juices like things to eat or drink while teething. This will have harsh effects on the upcoming teeth of the baby. 
  • Medicines - Don’t indulge your child to take medicines at this tender age. Teething is a natural phase, has nothing to do with any disease or illness. So you can just talk to your doctor regarding the matter and properly take care of your baby. 
  • Solid foods - Except your child is an older one, for toddlers aged 3 to 12 months you must not give any solid or hard-to-break food which can hurt their gums while eating. The solid foods are hard to break and can harm the gums easily. So avoid giving hard foods during teething time. 

Baby’s teething is a really important stage and needs lots of caring and awareness remedies. In order to help your baby to reduce the gums pain, you are advised to follow the above-written tips. Good luck!