10 Rules you must Teach your Kid Before Allowing them to Go Out
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10 Rules you must Teach your Kid Before Allowing them to Go Out

Whether outing with kids or letting them go out, you are always curious about their safety. You make thousands of efforts just to ensure that your dear ones aren’t getting any trouble walking on the road or playing the playground. 

But what if anything happened all of a sudden? Will your kid be able to get over from it?

There are always two sides of a coin or situation. To save your child from any mishappenings, you can either tell them not to go anywhere, or you can give them awarding lessons to prevent certain situations where they can get hurt or injured. 

If you are confused with the priority things you should teach your baby while going out, then take a look at the following points here in the article to know more about it.

Rule #1 Wearing Comfortable clothes 

Very first of all, the clothes of the kids really matter when they are out from home for anything. You cannot let your child wear short clothes on a hot sunny day, fully covered clothes will be a much better option for the babies to be safe from the dust. 

Rule #2 Walking at a proper pace on sides

When walking on the roads, tell your kid to walk erect, without making any zig-zag moves. Walking at the side of the road will be a really safe way for the babies being outside. Also, the baby should not walk too fast, or too slow on the road.



Rule #3 Pay attention to the Traffic Signal

Kids should be aware of the traffic signal and the way to respond to the signal. Tell them about the traffic control rules and to stop if they see the red color signal. Like this, tell them only to walk in the Zebra line made on the road while crossing it. 



Rule #4 Being alert on the Playground

Children keep running and jumping on the playground and do not care whether there is mud or pointed rocks or garbage like thing around it. The children must not come in contact with dirty things, through rainwater mud can be allowed to play for some time, but not for every time. 



Rule #5 Use of Playground Swings

Often it is seen that the playground swings are rusted, broken or have pointed dents, open edges coming out of them. All these could hurt the children if they came near it. So, do not let them a hand on the rusted swings of the outdoor playgrounds, sit or climb on the rods or benches with uncovered edges or pointed edges. 



Rule #6 Cautions while driving Vehicles

Basically, children will be driving the bicycles, but along with it, you must teach them the right way to drive it. A classic form of riding any vehicle saves from tons of dangers, whether it is on the road, or even at standing to hold it as well. The helmet is a must while riding cycles for older children. 



Rule #7 No Stunts PLEASE

Nowadays you can see children, especially boys are trying to copy the actions of the SuperHeroes and SuperHeroines from the movies. Due to this, they end up hurting themselves. It can be very dangerous to perform such calculated actions anywhere, especially on the outside. So, never encourage your child to perform such things when nobody is there to assist them. 


No riding of bicycle on the pillion, no skateboarding at uneven places, no gymnastics on a busy road, no stunts on the wooden swing, just don’t let your child do any of these things. 


Rule #8 Take a look everywhere

One of the best ways of the proper outdoor safety of children is to make them aware of everything that’s happening around them. Just tell your kid to keep their eyes everywhere while they are playing. Not to become CID though :), just a shady eye on person roaming about, or place they are playing in. 



Rule #9 Know the Address

Always make sure that the children know the address, at least one landmark nearby the home, or of the places they often roam about. So in cases, if they miss out or forgot the road track, they can find the right way to be back to home. Though it’s not suggested to send the children out to far off places, just in places even if they miss out a certain street, they can easily manage it. 



Rule #10 In case Injury occurs

Tell your children to immediately report to home in case they got injured or bleeding from anywhere. Ignoring any wound will surely be dangerous for your child. Infection may spread around the skin and can be harmful later. 


If your child will know the right thing to do at the right time, then only they will be able to grow as a complete person, who can actually control the situations if anything uncertain occurs. More probably, they will be able to use the preventive measures and stay safe from the dangers.