Baby sipper in mind? Here are 5 Things You Must Know About Baby Sipper
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Baby Sippers

Baby sipper in mind? Here are 5 Things You Must Know About Baby Sippers & Cups


When the babies are infant, they depend on Mother’s milk for feeding. But when they grow older, they do need water, and other liquids as well for their healthy diet. And to help the Mothers, Sippers and Cups are the best solutions. Here I’ll let you know about the facts related to baby sippers and cups. 

#1 Early Start is a must - 

 Infant babies totally depend on Mother’s milk, and after a period of 3-4 months, you can start giving them cow’s milk, solids, and water-based foods also. Starting with the sippers at an early stage is a must because if not done, there’s a great chance that the baby will not accept to drink from it. So as soon as your baby turns 9 months of age, start giving them milk, water etc. using sippers. 

#2 Choosing the right sipper

Check out your baby’s hands and mouth size and choose the sippers/cups as per. Keep things straight up in order, choose easy to hold, fill and clean bottles. The cups should not have pointed edges, or anything making baby’s hold a hurtful one. You must also check for the size of the sippers for making it easy to hold for the baby. Color, stickers, and looks are the other important matters of concern.  

#3 Encouraging your kids to do It - 

Well, every parent has to struggle hard to make their baby get into the habit of starting drinking with sipper etc. But encouragement will help them do so easily. Just give your baby the bottle and if they deny drinking from it, just hold them in your arms and engage with them along with the sipper in their mouth. Slowly they will learn to drink freely from the bottles. 

#4 Combination will work better - 

Mothers are smart, they have started with a new pattern of making the baby’s feeding training complete. Mixing of breastfeeding and bottle feeding will be definitely helpful for the baby’s overall growth. Alternate feeding works really well. Slightly holding your baby’s bottle while drinking, will help them make the balance, especially during the first months of starting the bottle feeding. 

#5 No running during Feeding time - 

Older kids are mischievous. They do not hesitate to run around the house over everything they can cross. To prevent them from doing so, especially while using the sipper, because they can easily harm themselves by slipping down anywhere in the home, or drinking harms can lead to fatal injuries as well. 

Take an extra sip to know more here - 

These are some of the things you need to take care while using sippers and cups for your baby. Check down the following points - 

  • Do not let your baby make the habit of holding the sipper all day long. 
  • Do not give your baby sugary juices to drink. 
  • Do not overfeed your baby anyway. 
  • Help your baby with the right way of drinking through the cups. 
  • Give examples to your baby of holding the cups in the right way, so that they can hold the cup by themselves. 
  • Do not let your baby do stunts with the sippers, it can harm them.  
  • Choose lightweight bottles for feeding the baby, as very heavy sippers and cups and encourage holding problems. 

Sippers and cups, bottles etc. have been invented with an aim to make baby feeding easy. Therefore you must be using them as a normal contributor to your baby's feeding needs. There are many different types of sippers, cups, feeding bottles present in the market. You must be giving priority to the baby's size and requirements as per.