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About Us

We are a highly dedicated baby products manufacturing firm with a main focus to make modern first-aid kits and thus ensuring your child’s safety. First Care offers large product lines of sanitizers, wipes and necessary first aid and daily use products that will help you to take care of your baby with more ease. We are continuously working on providing products with the most suitable price tags that ensure the complete safety of your child, and heal immediately during injuries as well.

With First Care, our goal is to give the children the safest possible care that they deserve. We prefer quality over quantity, and thus are continuously working to make highly qualified baby care products. With our tagline “Child’s best friend” we ensure that each and every product must meet the quality to become children’s best friend. We pay special attention to the consumer’s requirement and fulfill it in the least possible time frame.


Our Vision

"Focusing on the needs of the mother and the child and
raising a generation of healthy, happy kids."

At First Care, we aim to bring the best baby care products in use for the mothers and their toddlers. We focus on every need of a Mother and her child and manufacture highly qualified products according to it. As a responsible manufacturer of Baby care products, we see kids as the seeds which are in the making to become trees with their branches raising high in the form of good health. And so our focus relies on making a complete ‘Natural’ product range, thereby keeping your children close to Mother Nature to our best efforts.

Children are the flowers of the house, using chemical products is never a good choice for them to grow with. Along with this we also understand the product standards and budget requirements of our customers. All our products pass the International Safety Standards and are absolutely budget sensitive as per the requirements.


Our Mission

"To bring love, joy and a sense of well-being to
every Mother and child."

We see our business grow by creating unique & hygienic baby care products, and to get recognition as the worthiest brand. Our mission involves the happiness and care of the children and the Mothers who opt to use our products.

All we want is to increase the possibility of a better future of our small ones to the best possible extent. We aim to live and ‘Let’s Live Everyone’ a lifestyle, in a much adoptable and worthy standards with the choice of right products that involve in our daily lives, including the products for babies. No one must be ignored or neglected in any way, and care must be taken for everyone from the infant babies, senior citizens to a well-being adult as well.