Baby's Teeth Caring The Right Way via Oralcare kit - The Essential Ste
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Baby's Teeth Caring The Right Way via Oralcare kit - The Essential Steps

A healthy tooth has a healthy history of proper keeping and take care. When the babies are in their teething stage, until their adult teeth come, the way of their lifestyle can be easily imagined by their tooth and gums health. So this makes it important to have foolproof remedies for a complete oral care.  

Any guesses regarding this?.....

Well, we as parents try a bit harder to always take care of our babies. In contrast, there are so many ideas to help the little kids have a good dental health, viz, 

Lesser sweets or anti-sweets policy 

Proper diet 

No chemical products etc. 

But above all, it’s the maintenance of the gums and teeth which you need to do, otherwise, it’s all over!!

Cleaning the teeth properly helps a lot to keep the dirt out of the teeth and eliminate the bacteria developing bad breath. Ace dentist recommends cleaning the teeth at least two times daily. Well, this is not all. Brushing the teeth is a whole Science in itself! Just normal things won’t help this sorted out!

The best trick is, to have a full-fledged oral care kit set with all the needs and requirements for a proper mouth cleaning. Normally any oral care kit contains - 

Brush - The main element for brushing the baby’s mouth. 
Tongue cleaner - For cleaning the baby’s tongue(if they allow you to). 
Toothpaste - A chemical-less toothpaste for using with a brush.    
Additional - Brushing timer, toys etc. for baby using purpose. 

Brushes, in concern with the babies, can’t be taken in the ordinary form, especially for the babies age 0-12 months. They have delicate gums and very strong bristles can crush and harm them easily. 

So what your baby demands?....

A brush with soft bristles, enough to brush the baby’s gums perfectly without disturbing them. 


What about Tongue cleaner?....

 Well, no one can deny the importance of tongue cleaners in an oral care kit. They also need to start with a minimum of a rough surface to pull out the dirt from the tongue, as small babies do not require that much of resistance like the adults.  

I think, now you are understanding the terms with more ease! But, every coin has two phases, so in the case of every situation as well. Babies are born mischievous creatures and trust me they won’t let you brush their teeth easily(they don’t like it at all!!). 

So you will have to be very careful while using the brushes and tongue cleaners for your baby so that it could not hurt them anyway. Take a look at these following points to understand things at a deeper level - 

Brush gently - Whether you are teaching your baby to brush, or you are doing that work yourself, just do it in a gentle way. Hold the brush with soft hands and brush using a slight pressure. 

Brushing time -  Though you can brush whenever it's required, its recommended at mornings(when the baby gets up after a long sleep) and at night(before sleep). However, you can still use wet wipes and cloths to clean away the dirt whenever required(after eating especially).  

Toothbrush replacement - Don’t stick to a single toothbrush, just replace them in a span of 3 months, or whenever you see any dent or torn up bristles. 

Toothpaste type - For babies, you must be using only fluoride-free toothpaste. A more amount of fluoride isn’t any good thing to be used for the baby. Though, you must be using a small amount of fluoride for your baby as soon as they grow an age of 6 months and above. 

Toothpaste amount - Its a very crucial thing to insert the toothbrush with the right amount of toothpaste. If the baby swallows a large toothpaste amount, it may cause massive stomach pain or intestinal blockage.   

Oral care kit hygiene - Keeping the kit at a safe, dry and secure place is as equally important as cleaning the mouth. Keep the brush and other essentials clean and covered. It will prevent the bacteria from coming and staying inside the brush/tongue cleaner and affecting it.     

How to Keep the baby’s mouth clean - The Basics

It’s only a matter of baby’s age to have diverse cleaning methods. For infant babies, you can easily clean their mouths using wet wipes. You can also use a finger toothbrush for massaging the gums. For babies age 0-6 months its way more necessary to gently brush or clean their gums. 

As soon as the teeth poke out, you can replace the washcloth with soft brushes for massaging and cleaning the gums. Generally, the babies brushes are recommended to use after 2 years of age. Till then you can simply clean the mouth using cotton clothes etc. 

Even after the baby is grown, you should be preferring to use the brushes with soft bristles. Search for the best brand and often change the brushes at short time intervals. This will be of a great help to the babies with a more secure and good looking oral health! :)