BuddsBuddy Oralcare Kit - Your Baby's perfect Oralcare Solution!
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BuddsBuddy Oralcare Kit - Your Baby's perfect Oralcare Solution!


Keeping the baby healthy is every parent’s priority, and along with good body health, there’s a need to have a check on the oral health as well. 

What is Oral Health?

WHO says, Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life. The state of being free from any teeth and gums problems like mouth pain, oral infection, gums diseases, or any other disorders is termed Oral health. 

In other words, Oral health is something conscientious, for babies especially. As the babies are the ones that will grow into adults and build up a perfect future for themselves. 

Key facts Speak -

The key facts regarding global oral health include some statistics which are as follows - 

  • 60% to 90% of children have oral cavity problem. 
  • 20% of children age 2 to 5 years have at least one untreated decay tooth. 
  • Children age 2 to 5 years have at least two total decayed or filled primary surfaces. 
  • 10% of children age 6 to 8 years have decay in their permanent teeth, 4% with untreated decay. 
  • 42% of children age 2-11 years have dental caries in their permanent teeth. 

So this is the present condition for Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth (DMFT) even for the small babies all over the world. Are we going the right way of making a safe living environment for our babies to maintain a much better oral health? Well, statistics are telling the truth themselves!!

What’s the Solution?

Normally the best ones are to opt for a good brushing kit, with a brush that can remove the plucks and cavities from the mouth and a tongue cleaner that can wipe out the debris from the tongue. And how can we forget the toothpaste? It must be as good to use for the baby’s teeth for cleaning purpose.

Everybody knows that the best way to keep the teeth and gums clean is through the use of a perfect brush and other essential mouth-cleaning tools. The market is full of different brands of brushes and tongue cleaners that claim to be the best for baby use. 

BuddsBuddy Oral Care kit - Your Baby’s Perfect Partner 

Our brand ‘BuddsBuddy’ is dedicated to the making of quality assured products for the babies and Mothers. In assistance to baby’s oral health, we have got a very special product for all your tiny tots to remain ‘oral-healthy’ and ‘dental-safe’. 

BuddsBuddy oral care kit is an exclusive product of us which brings in an ‘All-in-One’ solution for your baby’s perfect oral cleaning. Here I will let you know all about our BuddsBuddy product, you judge us for yourself and try it for your baby as well! 

Oral care kit Details - 
  • Tooth Brush, 1 pc
  • Toothpaste, 1 pc
  • Tongue cleaner, 1 pc
  • Timer, 1 pc
  • Kids stickers, 10 pc
  • Storage box, 1 pc

Let’s take you to know about the inside details of all the products. 

Tooth Brush - BuddsBuddy’s kit very first and essential element is the Toothbrush. The brush comes with nylon monofilament round bristles. The rounded edges prevent hurting the soft gums of the babies and scratches in the teeth. 

Tooth Paste - BuddsBuddy believes in the Complete Protection of baby’s mouth and the Fluoride-Free toothpaste ensures this with flair. It’s totally anti-toxic and does not contain any harsh chemicals. It’s also easily soluble in the mouth and very handy for baby use. In other words, the toothpaste is a perfect choice for using it with the Toothbrush. 

Tongue cleaner - And yes, the tongue cleaners are something that makes our brushing kit complete. The lollipop shape tongue cleaner is not only easy to hold, but its using leaves the baby’s delicate tongue clean and fresh.     

Sand timer - The kit has a 2-minute sand timer, which is beautifully designed to make your children aware of the timing they need a brush, and not within a few seconds only. Brushing is a necessary thing, but brushing for an adequate time is much more necessary, and BuddsBuddy’s sand timers ensure the same is going to happen. You can easily train your baby to follow the right way and duration of brushing. 

Kids stickers - Kids are very fond of stickers and we know it very well. In our brushing kit, you will also get ten beautiful stickers with cartoons from our BuddsBuddy Gang. 

Storage Box - So what’s a kit without a storage box? I mean you gotta store all the things out somewhere right! So our storage box will help you to fulfill this need. You can easily keep the products inside the box after use. 

Advantages you’ll get in our BuddsBuddy Brushing Kit

You will be getting these much of different advantages of using the BuddsBuddy brushing kit. Take a look at the points below -  

  • Hygienic - BuddsBuddy kit is totally hygienic to use.
  • Comfortable - Totally comfortable to use, each and every product. 

  • Baby safe - Brushing kit is absolutely baby safe to use. 

  • Cleans well - You can be assured of the total cleaning of the baby’s teeth and gums, our products thoroughly clean every part of the mouth. 

  • Funny designs - We have made our kit according to the latest trendy designs.
  • Kids friendly - Our cartoons are totally kids-friendly and committed for the full-on use with protection.    
  • Safe to use - BuddsBuddy products are safe to use, and that’s for sure. 

So, in this way, our Oral care kit will take care for your baby’s gums and tooth health. My personal experience says that the product is a must try for every baby. As a parent, we hold a great responsibility for the look after of your kids. And BuddsBuddy will surely help you out in this case. Try it once!