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Why Buddsbuddy

Why Buddsbuddy

We Know The Why

To us, a baby care product is about more than just a product design.
It is about the product’s functioning and the need to solve a parent’s baby care challenge.
Our approach is Know, Sow, Reap, Resolve. Repeat.

  • KNOW the challenge
  • SOW effort to resolve the challenge
  • REAP the results from the community
  • RESOLVE inadequacies, if any
  • REPEAT the process for ever-evolving baby care needs

We Create With Expertise

Our in-house BuddsBuddy family comprises pediatricians, dermatologists, and other hands-on practitioners, making us always abreast of the latest scientific research.

We Create From Experience

We're parents ourselves, so like you, we're attuned to our baby’s evolving needs. We know what would work for them and what would not. When we design products, we put ourselves in your shoes and consider how we could make the baby care experience easier for both babies and you.

We Value

  • Safety:

    We create products that enable parents to safely care for their babies. If we can't make something baby-safe, we don't make it at all! We test our products for assured safety and ensure they are free of harmful chemicals

  • Effectiveness:

    We create products that deliver our promise reliably over time.

  • Accessibility:

    Creating a Buddy-Safe world for your baby shouldn't be a treasure hunt. Our products are cost-effective and easily available both offline and online.

  • Sustainability:

    Just as a mother takes care of her baby, we take care of Mother Nature. That’s why we look for natural ingredients and sustainable, recyclable packaging solutions for our products.