Mamaganics - pH 5.5
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Mamaganics - pH 5.5

Why pH 5.5

Natural substances from the body form a thin film on the skin’s surface known as the acid mantle. This thin film is composed of lipids from the oil glands that are mixed with amino acids from sweat. The acid mantle helps retain the moisture and keeps pollution and pathogens out. It acts as the body’s first line of defence against environmental influences.

The composition of the acid mantle makes our skin slightly acidic, with an average pH value of 5.5. The acidic pH of the skin protects the skin against the overgrowth of pathogens that prefer an alkaline environment to grow.

When we use soaps and cleansers with neutral pH or alkaline pH, they strip the skin of its natural oils and could also cause temporary loss of the acid mantle. Skin exposed to such products may need several hours to regenerate again. Repetitive usage of such cleansers could change the skin pH and skew the acid mantle and its ability to function optimally.

Our skin needs cleansers that are gentle, mild and most importantly skin-friendly, i.e. pH 5.5. When we use soaps and cleansers that are compatible with our skin’s pH, our skin becomes soft and smooth. Moreover, pH 5.5. soaps and cleansers shield the skin from infections, help it to renew itself easily and impart a healthy glow.