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Hello, blooming momma and daddy! Welcome to BuddsBuddy —
Your baby’s BFF.

We make safe, sustainable, modern, cost-effective, and certified baby & mother care products to make your baby’s growing up years joyful and parenting pleasurable. We know the difference between caring and the right way of caring.

You could trust us for scientifically-designed and completely natural products with the highest international safety standards. To us, child care is not just happiness but also responsibility, nearly as equal as yours. That’s why we offer Our Bundle of Safe Care For Your Bundle Of Joy.

Parenting is a unique experience. And, in this joyous journey, we are with you always to comfort your baby with #BuddsBuddySafeCare


Our Standards

  • Safe

  • Effective

  • Caring

  • Responsible

Our Purpose

We share your joy. 
We are your partners in parenting. 
And, we do it by making safe and effective products
that help you create a Buddy-Safe world for your baby.
Your baby deserves a healthy environment.
That’s why we create all our offerings in a sustainable fashion
to offer a liveable tomorrow to your today’s tiny tot.

Our Promise

"Attend to the evolving needs of the parent and child and raise healthy and happy children."