5 Best Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Babies?
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Keep Mosquitoes Away From Babies

5 Best Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Babies?

Having few simple precautions and awareness with you will definitely help out to be the best mosquito repellant ways for your children. Here I will be listing some of those awesome steps one by one.

Step 1 – Dressing Well

Always fully dress your child whenever they will be going out to play. Minimum of the area of exposed skin, minimum will be the danger of mosquito bite. You can choose lightweight trousers, jeggings, and jeans with full-length top, shirt. Cotton dresses will also be a good choice. Also, use hats, goggles to keep the mosquitoes away from the face.

Step 2 – Use Insect repellent products

This will be a very effective way to protect your toddlers against mosquitoes and other insects as well. But beware of the chemicals used in such products; it will be better if you opt for the ones which are chemical-free. There are repellent patches, bands available for your child to easily carry throughout their playing time. Search for brands like buddy-buddy etc., which provides anti-toxic repellent products to use.

Step 3 – Opt for Mosquito nets

Well, the nets are always helpful for you to be safe from mosquitoes, especially during rest time. So, always put a net in your child’s bed at a time she/he is sleeping. Open sleeping can cause continuous bites which can give scary diseases like dengue, chikungunya and also have harsh effects on the skin.  

Step 4 – Destroying Mosquito-friendly areas

Destroying the mosquito-friendly areas will lead to a better environment free of them. There are places like open tanks, ground drains where mosquitoes can easily give eggs. So it’s suggested to not keep stayed water. Have few drops of kerosene oil to use in drains and in other areas where the water stays. Keep the unused tiers, cans, buckets dry and free of water.

Step 5 – Additional Precautions

Keep the water tanks, drums and buckets closed so that they (mosquitoes) would not get into it. It takes 7-10 days for any mosquito egg to hatch, so clean all your utensils and buckets one in a week. Do not keep anything that could collect rainwater around your home. Keep your home dry, neat and clean. Also, do not allow your toddlers to play in open water areas. Put up air curtains in your living rooms, these are more likely to prevent mosquitoes as well.

So these were the best mosquito repellant ways that can easily help your babies to remain safe from the mosquitoes, and other insects as well. Now all you got to do is to implement these steps one by one and get the best results in the form of protection against the irritating mosquitoes!