Dr.Flow Basics Omega Thermosteel Baby Bottle 180ml
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Dr.Flow Basics Omega Thermosteel Baby Bottle 180ml

Rs. 925.00

Product Specification

  • BPA/phthalate-free
  • UV/steam sterilizer safe

  • Available with nipple
  • Sturdy design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable holding
  • Vacuum insulated
  • No nipple confusion for babies
  • Ultra-soft silicone texture 
  • Natural sucking action
  • Double anti-colic design
  • Leakage-proof
  • Antibacterial with lifetime rust-less warranty

  • Simple design and wide neck for easy assembling, washing, and sterilization
  • Can be easily washed
  • ISI-marked for quality


  1. Is this bottle BPA Free?
    Yes, it is completely BPA- BPS free. There is no single plastic component in this bottle. All the parts are made with 304 stainless steel and the nipple is made of food grade silicone material.
  2. Can I sterilize it?
    Yes it can be sterilised either in hot water or by using an electric sterilizer. You can use any mild cleanser to clean your baby bottles.
  3. At what age can I introduce it to my baby?
    Feeding bottles can be introduced at any age right from 10 day. You may need to find the right flow of the nipple as per age group. For 0m baby use S size or slow flow nipple, above 3 month M size or medium flow nipple and above 6 months use L size or fast flow nipple.
  4. What is the material used for nipples?
    Food grade silicone material is used in making of these nipples. All the materials used are FDA approved. This nipple is anti colic and safe for babies.
  5. Is this anti colic?
    Yes it’s Anti colic. A bottle labelled as anti-colic is designed to reduce air swallowed during feeds, lessen gas bubbles in the stomach. This has the potential to reduce any colicky crying related to gas and overfeeding. In short, your baby will not face gas issues.
  6. For how long will it hold the liquid warm?
    It depends on the environmental conditions. Since this steel bottle is single wall construction it does not hold the fluid hot or cold unlike Thermos bottle so they don’t maintain the temperature or warmth of liquids.
  7. Does it rust?
    This bottle is made of 304 grade stainless steel. So the chances of rusting is near to zero. But there may be a chance if you don't dry it and keep the bottle inside, since any steel will get rusted if you don't dry it out. So please dry your bottles before keeping them inside.
  8. What is the nipple size?
    A 125 ml to 150ml bottle comes with a small size or a slow flow nipple which is usually used for 0-3m, 250ml comes with a medium size or a medium flow nipple which is usually used for 3-6m.
  9. Can we change the nipple later? Is it easily available?
    Yes, the nipple can be changed as the baby grows for the fast or speedy flow. You can buy them separately as per your requirement. Even when your baby grows big you can swap a silicone spout in the same bottle instead of a nipple.
  10. Does it come with fast flow?
    125 ml bottles come with S nipple which is slow flow, 250ml bottles comes with M size which is medium flow, but if you need fast flow then you need to buy L size nipple separately. Any flow nipple can be used with any size of the bottle.
  11. Is steel safe for babies to use as a feeding accessory?
    Steel feeding bottles are 100% a safer option when compared to plastic bottles. These bottles do not leach any chemicals into the fluids and are environmentally friendly too. You can use a steel bottle for many more years unlike your plastic bottles, as they need to be changed often. Steel bottles are always the safest and economical option for a baby bottle.
  12. Does it come with a warranty?
    Yes it comes with a 5 years warranty for the manufacturing defects. If any of the steel parts gets broken or damaged, the same will be replaced with a new part.
  13. Is it an insulated steel bottle?
    No this is a single layer construction steel bottle, and it's not insulated. This will not keep liquids hot or cold for longer durations.
  14. Is it comfortable for a baby to hold them with a hot beverage filled inside?
    Yes, a baby can hold the bottle easily with warm fluids inside. Though it's a single layer bottle, the baby can hold the warm fluids inside it.