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Choice+ Glass Baby Feeding Bottle - 125ml

This bottle is made from high-quality durable and sturdy borosilicate glass for frequent and longer use. ... Read More

Rs. 325.00

This bottle is made from high-quality durable and sturdy borosilicate glass for frequent and longer use. No worry about accidental breakage. Easy to clean and sterilize. Offers a secure grip to the baby. With the volumetric markings, the parent can read the remaining quantity without unlatching the bottle. The feeding nipple is made from long-lasting, medical-grade, ultra-soft silicone. The breast-shaped teat allows smooth tongue movement for the baby. The bottle comes with double anti-colic technology. This system vents minimum air in the baby’s tummy during feeding so that the baby doesn’t experience colic or discomfort. This technology along with the teat makes the baby’s switch from breast to bottle comfortable and simple. This glass bottle is available in 3 colours and 2 sizes.

Product Specification


  • BPA/phthalate-free
  • UV/steam sterilizer safe


  • Sturdy by design and light in weight for comfortable holding
  • Clinically proven to avoid nipple confusion for babies
  • The ultra-soft silicone texture feels closer to skin for the baby
  • The nipple’s slow flow action allows the baby to maintain natural sucking action
  • Designed to reduce air intake and the gas-associated discomfort for the baby during feeding
  • Volumetric markings indicate the remaining quantity of the milk without unlatching the bottle
  • Leakage-proof design even when the bottle is tilted or carried


  • Simple design and wide neck for easy assembling, washing, and sterilization
  • Can be easily washed
  • ISI-marked for quality


  1. Do we need to boil this bottle after every use?
    Yes after every use you have to sterilize any feeding bottle. You can sterilize the baby bottles by hot water or by using a sterilizer.
  2. Can this feeding bottle be used for new born babies?
    Yes, you can use this from the 10th day of your baby. Use S size or slow flow nipple for newborn and we suggest not to go beyond 150ml bottle as it will be easy for holding.
  3. Is it breakable easily if it falls accidently?
    Since its a glass bottle, it is prone to break if it falls, but the question is again from what height and what angle it fell. Better you use a bottle cover to safeguard your glass bottle feeders.
  4. Is a glass bottle better than a plastic bottle?
    Yes, anytime glass is a much better option than plastic bottles. Plastic bottles leach chemicals into the fluids but this will not happen with glass bottles. Also it is much east to clean glass bottles as it does not hold any greasy substance on the walls unlike plastic bottles.
  5. Is it bpa (Bisphenol-a) and ea (Oestrogen activity)-free bottle?
    Yes these bottles are bpa and bps free. These are the best options for your baby feeding.
  6. Will the markings wash after washing the bottle?
    No, the markings will not wash away with the usage. All the markings are accurate and are printed with food grade and certified with ISI standards. So you can be rest assured.
  7. Can I get only the cap of bottle and lid as it's lost?
    Yes you can buy all the accessories separately, if you don't find them online you can contact company customer care, they will help you with the lost part.
  8. What is the material for a nipple?
    The material used for the nipples is liquid silicone which is 100% food grade and certified by FDA, so you don't need to worry about it.
  9. Which is better: Glass or a Steel bottle?
    Both glass and steel feeding bottles are much safer options when compared to plastic bottles. Glass bottles are much easy to clean and prone to break but it's the opposite for steel bottles. Both the bottles have their own benefits. Also you can see the fluid contents in the glass bottle from outside but its not possible to see in the steel bottle.
  10. Other brand nipples fit with this?
    Yes these are standard bottles, you can either buy std nipples from buddsbuddy or you may buy it from other brands. But we suggest buying nipples from the same brand as it will be 100% suitable. You can even interchange the nipple with the spout when your baby grows.