Aquawipes - Our Story
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Aquawipes - Our Story

Our Story

Our story began with one mum on a mission to convince her workplace a better baby wipe for her daughter and the environment was needed. It’s taken us 3 years of hard work and research to make what we believe is the perfect wipe for the caring parents. We hope you love these wipes as much as we do. 

After using a lot of brands and sensing the damage that it is causing to our babies and the planet, we started working on developing a baby wipe that was to be both natural and eco-friendly. Kind to skin and caring to the environment. Something which was suitable for newborns. A baby wipe that was different and which could make a difference!

After a long time in development, we achieved our goal, producing a revolutionary natural pure water wipe which is completely biodegradable and contains 99% Purified Water.

The first of its kind, the wipe is 100% biodegradable and plastic free – it will degrade in just 15 days.We have always been committed to ensuring that Aqua Wipes products are as kind as possible and the whole range is developed with pH5.5 formulation. Which is much suitable for babies' tender skin.


Eco-Friendly Natural Baby Wipes

Just like our beautiful babies, our planet is also very precious. We have to do all we can to protect and care for the planet, to ensure safety and longevity for mankind, for many generations into the future.

From nappy changing to cleaning messy faces, tackling sticky fingers to taking off makeup, wet wipes are an essential go-to product for parents everywhere.

However, their existence is now under scrutiny due to the damage they are having on our environment and the realization that, like so many other everyday throwaway items, the majority of them are made of 80% plastic.  If flushed away, wet wipes that contain plastic break down into microplastics, which can be ingested by marine life, with fatal consequences.

However, for parents who can’t be without their trusty baby wipes, Aqua Wipes are the answer.  Aqua Wipes are made of a natural/ plant based material which contains no plastic particles and is completely biodegradable.  Registered with the Vegan Society and formulated with 99% Purified Water, these revolutionary wipes can help you make a difference.