How you can understand your Child's Psychology in a Better Way?
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understand your Child's Psychology

How you can understand your Child's Psychology in a Better Way?

Parents, though are ‘The Parents’ to their children. But it needs something more than this to have that special connection with them. The best way to understand this is through the child’s psychology, which will help you to understand your child’s behavior on a completely new depths from now on. 

So what you should exactly do? That’s what I am here to let you know, read my article below to find out your answers - 

Childhood Developmental Psychology - Knowing your Child Deeply

As your child will grow, you will see some buildup interests, attractions, likes & dislikes towards different things or people. Observe closely what makes them happy, sad, curious, angry, jealous, emotional, worried, eager and cherry merry. In this way, you can feel the views your child feel when she/he gets in contact with certain things. 

You can also easily understand at what level of human nature your child pose. Like, there are distinct sorts of human natures like social butterflies, antisocial, party animal, rude dood, shy, aggressive, dominating, mediocre etc. Not only you will learn about the style of talking, and performance traits of your child. But with this, you can easily correct them in the right direction. 

Quick points to follow to remain in touch in your child

  • Ask them about their Day and the experiences.
  • Pursue for their suggestions on certain topics like food, home keeping, family trips etc. 
  • Give your opinions regarding their academic performance. 
  • Often take them on morning/evening walks, discuss about their wishes and their idea of achieving it. 
  • Have short regular periods of workout/body exercise with your kids.
  • Always do family breakfast/lunch/dinner on the dining table, ask your child to follow the same. 
  • Give live examples to follow the right examples, best way will be through your actions as it will have the best impact on the child’s mind. 

Check for internet for an added detailed knowledge about child’s psychology and refer some good child psychology books written by some best sellers. In this way, you will be able to easily understand your child living standards in a better way, and not only you can cherish it, but also make sure it is going to make your younger ones, a better person in the life. 

Early Childhood Psychology - Balancing your Children

Everyone has some personality traits which no one other is having, and your child is no exception though. It is the comparison that turns OFF their natural feelings and provokes them to do as other people(sometimes parents) wants. Remember there are two kinds of people in this world, ‘People Pleaser’ and ‘Self Pleaser’. Which squad do you want your child to be?

If you’ll opt for the first squad, then understand that you have new faces all around you go. Neither you belong to them, nor your kid. So what’s the point to allow your kid to do things, unexpectedly for everyone else without seeking their personal growth? Even if you lie down for the crowd to make a path over the road dent, they will still complain that you are not straight enough for them to walk smoothly, I mean what the hell, right! 

Now the ‘Self pleaser’ squad is a bit tricky here, not for the Self ones, but for the people. As when you choose to belong the second squad phenomena, you gotta be misunderstood, then being hated at first. So when your kid will have their own mindset, own views, ideas and drive towards the things, then they will be considered indifferent with regards to other children of their age. Beware, because the adult people will do it more than the kids of their age. Loneliness, lesser friends(real friends), ignore game, left-out, neglection, bully, these all things can come across their way. You have to be the back support of your child to deal such conditions, so that they could not have any unwanted mental change in their mindset.